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4 key trends in data security for 2021

4 key trends in data security for 2021 Data security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in 2021. From cyberattacks to data breaches, outages and data losses, there is a lot to consider when securing critical business data. According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, there were 2,266 cyber security incidents and 59,…

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Digital Sense to join Over The Wire Holdings

We are pleased to announce that Digital Sense has recently been acquired by Over the Wire Holdings Limited (ASX:OTW), a leading global provider of IT & Telco services.   Our long-standing vision in becoming the leading cloud services provider in the Asia Pacific region has taken a significant step closer with the combination of the…

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Understanding the Digital Consumer

Understanding the Digital Consumer By Amin Naserpour It is no longer news that the digital revolution is fully upon us. But, many are yet to realise that asides the change in our approach to problem-solving, the digital revolution brought with it a significant change in consumer behaviour. The digital-savvy consumers that dominate today’s market are quite…

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Our People Are Invested in Your Success

Our People Are Invested in Your Success At Digital Sense, our people aren’t only passionate about what they do — they’re also leading experts and specialists in their respective fields. Our team members are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to add value to the cloud and data services we provide and the roles…