Digital Sense DataServe Object Storage Solutions

Digital Sense DataServe Object Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions for Instantly Accessible Data By 2025 market research indicates that the total amount of data generated worldwide is forecast to rise steeply to more than 163 zettabytes, which is an impressive yet challenging amount of data. A large majority of this information is represented by unstructured data which is currently growing at 50%…

Benefits of Object Storage - Digital Sense

Benefits of Object Storage

The two fundamental differences between file and Object Storage is the way the indexes (metadata, which helps you to find and tag data) is tracked and secured, and how data can be accessed and manipulated using a communication protocol that can easily access data no matter where it is on the planet. It is the…

Digital Sense - An Introduction to Object Storage

An Introduction to Object Storage

Object Storage is a relatively recent development in the field of unstructured data management. Organisations that are first to adopt new technologies can reap great rewards, but innovation can sometimes come with a certain amount of risk.  If the risk is managed well, Object Storage can become integral to the operations of companies worldwide. Object…

Self Service Portals - Digital Sense Cloud Service

Want More “ME” Time?

Self-service Portals will save you time so that you can have more “me” time. A self-service portal is a website that empowers users—customers, employees, partners, contractors, or suppliers—to electronically transact with your business, completing simple to complex tasks using a consistent interface.Fast and efficient self-service access is paramount to showcase your company’s products and services…