Want More “ME” Time?

Self-service Portals will save you time so that you can have more “me” time. A self-service portal is a website that empowers users—customers, employees, partners, contractors, or suppliers—to electronically transact with your business, completing simple to complex tasks using a consistent interface. Fast and efficient self-service access is paramount to showcase your company’s products and…

Digital Sense Cloud Benefits

Business Up in the Clouds?

Cloud this. Cloud that. It’s all you hear nowadays. “I’m in a Cloud.” “We store our data in a Cloud.” “Our customers access us from a Cloud.” When did Clouds stop being fluffy, white, and gaseous and start working in the IT industry? What is a Cloud? A Cloud Provider is a company that provides…

Digital Sense data backup and recovery vs ransomware

Ransomware: Why Backup and Recovery is your Only Real Line of Defence

The Rise of Ransomware Ransomware. Malicious software which encrypts files on a system without the user’s consent and then demands payment to release the information. In the past year, Ransomware has made the headlines on numerous occasions as the primary malicious threat facing organisational IT systems. The primary reason being Ransomware’s new-found ability to rapidly…