The traditional view of Business Continuity

Mortality, taxes, and data growth. That’s the world we live in. In the future, we all hope to live longer, pay less tax, and manage data growth effectively. The “value” of your data will never be fully appreciated if it lives in perpetual, unrefined storage.

So, how can you put structure into your unstructured data?

  • Ensure humans have limited and relevant locations to save their data, based upon its value and their position. This may include Open Shares, User Drivers, etc.
  • Help people better understand the value and import of their data, assuring them that it will be stored in the most appropriate and secure location possible.
  • Ensure all metadata is captured when users create or view data in the database.
  • Invest in a platform that is both file and object. Files are, after all, just user objects.
  • Collect and organise metadata from a business perspective. This makes storing data much simpler, and if the metadata relationship is captured then it will be easy to reference and query in future.
  • Unstructured data usually entails many duplications of the same files and data, scattered across the drive. This may be remedied by utilising a platform which uses DeDupe and Compression effectively, reducing the cost of these files and data.

Digital Sense and NetApp working together to make your unstructured data make sense

Digital Sense utilises NetApp’s Storage Grid architecture to store, secure and move unstructured customer data. The cloud based object storage allows to directly integrate with storage, backup, archiving and next generation applications.
Digital Sense Object Storage is a geo-dispersed architecture and only stores data locally in Queensland.

The NetApp infrastructure allows Digital Sense to offer services in the way that makes sense for you:

  • Cloud Native Data Storage for next generation applications
  • Big Data Lake object store integration and analytics
  • Tape Replacement
  • Long Term Archiving
  • Native S3, CDMI and Swift RESTful protocols
  • Cloud Backup repository
  • Australia data sovereignty.

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Digital Sense and NetApp for Business Continuity

At Digital Sense, we can help you discern the “where, when, and why” aspects of your unstructured data challenges. To set up a free workshop with our team, contact us today!