Service Overview

The Digital Sense Data Protection service provides a backup and restoration service that affords customers peace of mind in the protection of their data, whether as a fully managed service or as-a-Service.

Using a combination of file, image and application level methodologies delivered as full and incremental backups, Digital Sense provides an end-to-end service based on a standard best practice design.

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Digital Sense provides an end-to-end Managed Network service with the following features:
  • Provision of the backup and restore application software and hardware;
  • Provision of storage for data protection;
  • Ability to protect public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and on premise based data;
    Installation and management of software and/or agents on protected systems where required;
  • Installation and management of hardware on customer site where required;
    Optional design and ongoing maintenance of backup policies based on customer RTO and RPO requirements;
  • Optional management of the backup process to ensure backups are always successful;
  • Optional restoration of data when required based on standard Service Level Agreements;
  • Retention of data based on customer requirements (both time retained and number/locations of instances retained);
  • De-duplication, compression and encryption used for efficiency, security and to reduce cost of retained data;
  • Optional notification of backup and restoration success or failure
  • Optional detailed reporting
Digital Sense Untouchable Data Security
Digital Sense data centre facilities

Service Benefits

The Digital Sense Data Protection service has the capability to protect data in several ways.  The method of backup will be based on the specific customer environment and will be determined during service initiation.  The methods of backup include:

  • Virtual Machine image or agent level backup
  • Customer On-Premise and Digital Sense Cloud and Public Cloud
  • Desktop desktop backup for end user compute environments
  • Off site backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

The Digital Sense data protection service ensures the customer’s data is completely protected and can be restored at any time according to highest customer service levels.