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Software Defined Data Center

Because physical hardware is too expensive

vCloud Connector - Private and public cloud extensibility

Moving beyond workload transfer, VMware vCloud Connector 2.0 delivers a comprehensive operations center for your hybrid cloud environment. With the advanced edition, you can extend the logical boundaries of your datacenter and manage a single content catalog across the entire cloud environment.

vCenter Operations Management

Deliver quality of service, operational efficiency and continuous compliance for your dynamic hybrid cloud infrastructure and business-critical applications with VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. Using patented analytics and an integrated approach, the vCenter Operations Management Suite dramatically simplifies management tasks and gives you the intelligence and visibility needed to proactively ensure health efficiency and compliance with IT policies.

  • Intelligent operations groups provide insights into multiple areas.
  • Application-level monitoring of business-critical applications

vCloud Director

Virtualised datacenters with multi-tenancy Orchestrate the provisioning of software-defined datacenter services as complete virtual datacenters that are ready for consumption in a matter of minutes. Virtual datacenters provide virtualised compute, networking, storage and security. Administrators can provision the complete set of services necessary to make workloads operational in minutes.

  • Fast provisioning and thin provisioning.
  • VMware vCloud Networking and Security technologies.
  • Snapshot and revert virtual machines.
  • Integrated profile-driven storage and VMware vSphere Storage DRS.
  • VMware vSphere vApp catalog and catalog synchronisation.
  • Isolated multitenant organisations.
  • Self-service Web portal.
  • VMware vCloud API, Open Virtualisation Format and callouts.


Virtualise your infrastructure with policy based automation. With VMware vSphere, the VMware cloud operating system, you can manage large pools of virtualised computing infrastructure, including software and hardware. Manage vSphere environments in a scalable fashion that enables IT administrators to have simple and automated control over a virtual environment.

  • Deploy virtual infrastructure with confidence.
  • Employ centralised of virtualised hosts and virtual machines with the cross-platform VMware vSphere Web Client.
  • Enable and manage resources and availability of vSphere technologies.
  • Monitor and manage your virtual infrastructure with Operations Manager.
  • Enable high availability and fault tolerance to provide resiliency at a sustainable cost.

vCloud Networking and Security

VMware vCloud Networking and Security is the leading software defined networking and security solution that enhances operational efficiency, unlocks agility and enables extensibility so users can rapidly respond to business needs. It provides a broad range of services in a single solution, including virtual firewall, VPN, load balancing and VXLAN extended networks.

  • VMware vCloud Networking and Security Edge provides firewall and integrated gateway services.
  • VMware vCloud Networking and Security App enables the creation of logical and elastic trust zones.
  • VXLAN enables compute resources to be pooled across noncontiguous clusters or pods.
  • Data Security scans for sensitive data and reports violations of regulations.
  • vCloud Ecosystem Framework provides APIs for service insertion.
  • Manage and report using seamless integration with vCenter Server and vCloud Director.