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The Digital Sense Cloud Solution

Built on the technology that you know and trust

Our Cloud

Digital Sense has worked together with leading enterprise technology providers to create an offering that is built on best of breed technology. This enables your organisation to leverage cloud services while protecting your investment in existing technologies, training and in-house technical expertise; it's all part of our goal to provide you with a seamless cloud experience and enable you to move services freely into and out of the cloud.

The Hybrid Cloud Solution

Digital Sense is a true hosting provider, whether your footprint is physical, virtual or shared, we have a service that is able to meet your organisations requirements. Through our physical rack space and cloud services offering, we can provide true cloud elasticity by enabling a true hybrid cloud approach.

Our diverse cloud systems are interconnected to our diverse provider networks enabling true multi-zone high availability. Customers can move data between their equipment and the cloud through Ethernet (iSCSI, CIFS & NFS) and fibre channel. Just one of the ways that we have made connecting to the cloud easy.

Moving Between The Cloud

It is important to consider both your transition in and transition out plan with cloud.

Many cloud services providers make it easy for you to move into their services, however, moving out from their services to either another provider or to move services back in-house can be near impossible. Digital Sense makes this easy by using standard best of breed technology that you already know and trust. This is because Digital Sense is a data center provider, not just a cloud service provider; so moving from physical to virtual and back is just one small part of our day-to-day operations.

About our Cloud