Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery

Service Overview

The Digital Sense Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery (VM-DR) service provides complete protection for virtual machine workloads that are located within the Digital Sense Cloud or located on premise, in private cloud and off site. The Digital Sense VM-DR service can provide a fully replicated environment at one or many Digital Sense IaaS platform locations.
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Digital Sense provides an end-to-end Managed Network service with the following features:
  • Solutions for small to enterprise level customers
  • Broad operating system and app support
  • Leverage for all Cloud migrations
  • Meet demanding recovery point & time objectives (RPO / RTO)
  • WAN & Internet optimised
  • Highly secure
  • Support for one to many based replication, utilising multiple Digital Sense Foundation IaaS data centres
  • Granular recovery allowing a point in time restoration
  • A level of protection against crypto locking, ransom-ware and virus outbreaks allowing file and folder level recovery from before infection event.

Digital Sense can provide the service as a fully managed service with all aspects of the backend applications managed and monitored.

Digital Sense work area
Digital Sense work area

Service Benefits

With the Digital Sense VM-DR, any protected virtual machine can be recovered within the RPO and RTO Service Level agreed.

The service allows significantly improved Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) over traditional DR approaches and uses advanced journaling technologies to record all operations to allow low RPOs and RTOs.

Digital Sense is an expert in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and as a fully managed solution.