Service Overview

The Digital Sense Managed Storage is a Storage as a Service (STaaS) product available within the Digital Sense Cloud.  Digital Sense can provide storage from multiple data centres utilising a Digital Sense Managed Network or customer provisioned link.
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Fully monitored

scalability and elasticity

Scalability and elasticity

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High availability


Digital Sense provides an end-to-end Managed Network service with the following features:
  • Fully monitored and managed from the Digital Sense Operations Centre,
  • Multi-data centre options for redundancy and high availability scenarios;
  • Proven high availability service with up to four nines availability offered;
  • Multiple storage tiers offering a range of storage classes from all flash to object storage
  • Broad protocol support, including SMB, NFS, S3/swift
  • Storage features such as Storage Replication and disk-based Snapshots;
  • Scalability and elasticity to match business organic growth and bursting capabilities;
  • Secure tenancy including encryption at rest
  • Support directory services integration
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Digital Sense - Storage-as-a-Service

Service Benefits

The Digital Sense STaaS is service level driven cloud storage as a service platform available in multiple configurations with options for a full managed service.

Customers always have access to their data.