Our Team

Agim Isai, CEO
Agim Isai

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Pannell, Sales & Commerical Director
Jonathan Pannell

Sales & Commercial Director

Thomas Charlton, Technical Services Manager
Thomas Charlton

Technical Services Manager

Hamid Amrabadi, Cloud network Architect
Hamid Amrabadi

Lead Cloud Architect – Network (and Security)

Jason Soentpiet, Technical Account Manager
Jason Soentpiet

Technical Account Manager

Francesco Brazzelli, Service Engagement Manager
Francesco Brazzelli

Service Engagement Manager

Hao Tran, Service Engagement Manager
Hao Tran

Service Engagement Manager

Steph Zylstra, Systems Integrator
Steph Zylstra

Systems Integrator

Caroline Smith, Account Engagement
Caroline Smith

Account Engagement

Wence Rivera, Cloud Architect - Platforms
Wence Rivera

Cloud Architect - Platforms

Tony Williamson, Cloud Architect – Storage and Platforms
Tony Williamson

Cloud Architect – Storage and Platforms

William Grieve, Technical Architect – Data Management
William Grieve

Technical Architect – Data Management