Service Overview

The Digital Sense Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) service provides virtualised resources in a cloud computing environment.  Digital Sense (a Brisbane-based Australian company) hosts the hardware, software, servers, storage and associated infrastructure to allow customers to consume resources on demand.  Virtual workloads can be configured to suit a specific requirement and budget with a variety of technology available to ensure flexibility within the solution.
Public and dedicated solution

Public & dedicated solution

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High performance & availability

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Australian Based


Digital Sense provides an end-to-end Managed Network service with the following features:
  • Highly available compute as a service in various configurations;
  • Multi-data centre options for redundancy and high availability scenarios;
  • Proven high availability service with up to four nines availability offered;
  • Highly available storage tiers offering multiple classes of storage;
  • Software licensing options available;
  • Fully monitored Host Infrastructure from the Digital Sense Operations Centre;
  • Multiple networking options available including complex VLAN configurations;
  • Security features available including NSX Distributed Firewall and NSX Edge Firewall;
  • VMware features such as VMotion, Storage VMotion and Snapshots all accessible from IaaS Management Portal based on vCloud Director;
  • Additional Storage features such as Storage Replication and disk based Snapshots available via Service Request;
  • Management and administration tasks can be managed from online IaaS Management Portal;
  • Complete flexibility with multiple technologies available for consumption;
  • Scalability and elasticity to match business organic growth, bursting capabilities or as a temporary migration platform;
  • Fully managed or customer/third party managed service
Digital Sense office interior
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Service Benefits

Digital Sense has the capability of providing IaaS capacity within many data centres that form part of the Digital Sense Data Centre Grid.  This allows customers to choose from a variety of locations and access features such as virtual machine replication, load balancing, remote backups and disaster recovery.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is always available, is scalable and provides a level of performance suited to the customer workload.