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About Ducentis

Ducentis Delivers Unified Communications, Enterprise Network Technologies and Information Systems worthy of an ASX 200 listed company but tailored for those businesses with 200 staff or less. These growing businesses need enterprise-grade technology to help them navigate their way through their challenges and where possible gain that competitive advantage. Ducentis aims to make your experience with technology the easiest possible, producing technology solutions that are intuitive with experienced staff for training and support available every step along the way.

“Local accessibility to technology, talent & relationship is what sets Digital Sense apart from their competition and the more distant partner cloud providers, efficient service with value for money” – SCOTT HOLZBERGER, Chief Technical Officer, RBC Group.

Digital Sense + Ducentis

Digital Sense and Ducentis, a Cloud computing specialist and technology integrator with a focus on humanising technology utilise a private DSCloud instance to create compelling Managed Cloud Solutions to the Commercial mid-market sector across many industry verticals.  Ducentis,  a significant partner of Digital Sense understand that to develop a comprehensive technology and data strategy it is not only vital to listen and understand the needs of their customers but create solutions that are easy of use, increase efficiency and fundamentally enable them to do more with less.   Digital Senses’ partner cloud solutions underpin this delivery not only with innovative technology but through a focus on business relationship and commercial success.