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The Digital Sense Solution

Tailored to suit your needs

Co-Location Services

Digital Sense provides secure Brisbane co-location services ranging from single racks through to rows and private data suites.

Our unique data center site design allows for racks ranging from low to high density - which makes it easy for you to rapidly scale up or down to meet changes in your business needs.

Choose from private, virtualised or shared infrastructure. Whatever your ICT needs, we can help you achieve them.

Hosting & Storage

Our Brisbane data center delivers secure, reliable data storage solutions. Using state-of-the-art infrastructure, our clients can select shared storage or dedicated hosting through self-managed servers, managed virtual servers or managed physical servers.

Your data is stored in our Australian data center and is never stored offshore, which helps you comply with governance and privacy requirements.

And our 'Pay as you Grow' data storage solution means that you only pay for the storage you use, making it an economical option for most businesses.

Disaster Recovery

Planning for business continuity after disasters is simply good business risk management.

Digital Sense's Brisbane data center offers an in-house disaster recovery lab that enables our clients a safe location to work during the immediate days after an emergency.

In addition, we can rapidly deploy your office to the cloud, which gives you a scalable and extremely affordable business continuity solution.

  • Work from anywhere you can get an internet connection (e.g. home, cafe).
  • Deploy and scale on demand, saving you time and money.


Digital Sense offers a highly secure and automated real time cloud back-up solution for your critical data. Server restores are available at the click of a button which means no data loss and almost instantaneous restoration of your data. Get the ultimate peace of mind with our Back Up solution.