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Secure Data Center

High Security Data Center

Our Brisbane Data Center offers cutting edge security, monitoring, auditing and reporting to GITC certification and PCI Level 1 compliance standards.

  • CCTV monitoring - 24/7/365 dual vantage-point CCTV monitoring of each area of the center, plus CCTV monitoring of all entries and exit zones.
  • Motion Sensors - Motion detection sensors throughout the complex.
  • Archived CCTV footage - All CCTV footage stored for 90 days, with all incidents extracted and archived off-site.
  • Biometric Access - Multiple biometric access control systems to separate secured zones. Only authorised personnel have access to specific zones.
  • Restricted Access - Personnel traps located at every ingress and egress point of the facility, protecting the data halls from traditional points of weakness - emergency exits and loading docks. This ensures that only authorised personnel have access to secured sections of the facility.
  • Security Logs -Security access logs track and report on ingress into each zone.
  • Onsite staffing - 24/7 onsite staffing.
  • Police - Regular Police patrols.
  • Individual Rack Security - Each rack individually keyed to provide additional security. Rack level biometrics and electronic locks are available at an additional cost.
  • Bullet-proof glass - The Digital Sense Network Operations Center has been fitted with bullet-proof glass. This enables protection and segregation for the facility staff from potential physical threats.
  • Solid core walls - Each of the rooms within the facility are protected by solid core filled walls providing security and fire rating.
  • Packaging Free - No packaging is permitted to enter the raised floor space area to ensure the highest quality environment for client hardware protection and facility risk mitigation.