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Brisbane Data Center Power

Digital Sense's Brisbane data center has full 2N uninterrupted power

Our reliable, 2N electrical system delivers uninterrupted power to our Brisbane Data Center and ensures your IT assets remain online.

  • Full 2N System - Digital Sense has a full dual bus (2N) electrical system, meaning that all elements of the Digital Sense Data Center power design are concurrently maintainable and serviceable without interruption to the Data Center facility.
  • Own Substation - Digital Sense has 4 dedicated 1.5MVA transformers installed within its own substation to power the Brisbane Data Center.
  • Independent Mains Feeds - The substation has two independent mains feeds connected by rings mains units to provide power to the transformers from either grid.
  • Dual Distribution - Digital Sense has Dual Power Distribution, Dual UPS Busses, Dual Mechanical Distribution and three-way (primary feed, secondary feed & generator) input Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) switches on the input from each system in order to allow each system to be powered from any available feeder to ensure power reliability.
  • Generator backups - Back-up generators are designed to supply harmonic current imposed by the Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) for up to 48 hours in the event that mains power is interrupted. In the event of maintenance on core power systems, the generators are used as a stable source of locally generated power.
  • Fuel storage - Onsite diesel fuel storage provides a minimum of 48 hours runtime for the back-up generators. This fuel store is supplemented by refuelling contracts with multiple vendors, which means that we can provide emergency power generation indefinitely in the event of power disruptions.
  • Current and Future Power Needs - Digital Sense has contracts with Energex to provide power capacity for all existing and future requirements.