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Brisbane Data Center Networks

Built to TIA/EIA standard


Internal Networks have been built to the TIA/EIA standard with cutting edge hardware selected after exhaustive research and consultation with multiple vendors.

  • 2N Communications - Digital Sense has a full 2N communications deployment that includes diverse fibre routes, diverse street pits, redundant telecommunications pits, and redundant internal backbones.
  • Force 10 Chassis - Force10 Terrascale chassis provide high speed 10G links with extremely low latency. Force10 is the world's most trusted Data Center backbone communications hardware.
  • Superior Edge Switches - Force 10 Edge switches provide true 10GB, 1G and 100Mbit client handoffs without over-subscription to enable low latency delivery of layer 2 & 3 traffic.
  • Innovative WDN - Digital Sense's private wave division multiplexing (WDM) network connects Digital Sense to most other Data Centers to provide high speed, low latency and cost effective backbone solutions. Enabling long range links up to 10G in speed with offerings including 'managed Ethernet', 'Q in Q' and 'private secure light waves', Digital Sense is able to dramatically reduce 'office to Data Center' and 'Data Center to Data Center' communications costs.
  • Checkpoint firewalls - Checkpoint firewalls secure Digital Sense from 'over the wire' intruders through its multi-dimensional security architecture. Checkpoint firewalls provide protection from threats such as tear drop, port scanning, denial of service detection and IP masking. Digital Sense secures its clients from one another through its internal security system provided by Force10 and Checkpoint.
  • Multiple Carriers - Digital Sense has multiple fibre carriers including:
    • Pipe Networks
    • UECOM / Optus
    • AAPT / Powertel
    • Telstra
    • Primus
    • Internode
    • NextGen
    • GComm
  • Diverse Fibre feeds - Digital Sense utilises diverse fibre feeds from multiple carriers (Tier 3/4 standard) ensuring that clients always remain connected and have constant access to their equipment.
  • Segregate Telecommunications Rooms - Dual telecommunications rooms are situated over twenty metres apart providing two separate internal redundant network paths to provide clients with resilient network connectivity both internally and externally (Tier 3/4 standard).
  • Key connectivity sites - Digital Sense provides high-speed diverse fibre paths connected to the Brisbane CBD and other key technology centers within Brisbane. This enables Digital Sense clients to benefit from primary and secondary high speed links at low cost.
  • Tailored Services - Services have been setup to deliver different classes of service such as Committed Data Rate (CDR) for voice, Variable Data Rate (VDR) for burstable http traffic, and 95th Percentile (95th%) for growth on demand. Every internet service commissioned at Digital Sense has a full dual (A+B) hand-off at a minimum 1Gbps to enable full concurrent maintenance and growth capabilities.