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Brisbane Data Centre Fire Mitigation

Extensive fire risk mitigation measures in place

Data Centre Fire Mitigation

Your data is protected against fire in our Brisbane Data Centre, through extensive fire risk mitigation measures.

  • VESDA detectors - Double knock 'Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm' (VESDA), point type smoke detectors and ion detection systems are installed in each room/sector throughout the Data Centre. These systems sample the quality of air to monitor the slightest change in smoke density in the area to deliver rapid threat detection.
  • Fire suppression gas - FM200 fire suppression gas is automatically deployed in the event of fire. FM200 is the industry standard gas that is reliable, fast acting and human safe. FM200 is a 'zero ozone depleting' gas that is less harmful to the environment.
  • Zonal design - The Data Centre has been designed into multiple separated fire zones which ensures events are isolated from each other and minimises the risks associated with large 'mess hall' style facilities.