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Brisbane Data Centre Design & Specifications

Superior design through innovation

Digital Sense is conveniently located in the inner western corridor approximately 10km from the CBD. Our Brisbane Data Centre is built, engineered and designed to TIA/EIA 942 International Tier standard specifications to deliver the highest quality technical floor space.

  • Flood free - The Data Centre is located in an area that is 62 meters above sea level and is not within 100m of a Q100 flood zone (TIA/EIA 942 standard). The entire Data Centre has been water-sealed with sumps and pumps installed to cater for any possible water ingress.
  • Heavy Duty - The Data Centre is built with double-rated concrete slabs above and below, allowing the facility floor to withstand extremely heavy equipment.
  • Internal concrete core flooring - Internal flooring is 1500kg/m2 Tasman Access anti-static concrete core tiles, giving loading strength to cater for high-density client equipment.
  • Solid block walls - The Brisbane Data Centre uses solid core filled block walls around the perimeter of each room to deliver high security, incident isolation and maximum efficiency.
  • Raised floors - 300mm internal computer room raised floors increase air flow efficiency, with only power services located under the floors to eliminate any chance of electro-magnetic interference between power and networks.
  • Modular cooling - The internal raised floor space within the Data Centre rooms utilise Emerson Libert Xtreme Density overhead cooling with a modular installation allowing efficient cooling to be delivered at facility hotspots. Digital Sense monitors the temperature in each individual rack within the space and installs cooling modules based on demand.
  • Under floor cooling - Emerson Libert PeX large frame under-floor cooling (CRAC unit) samples and adjusts temperatures and humidity levels to achieve maximum efficiency without excess power.
  • Innovative Aisle Layout - Digital Sense has a 'hot/cold' aisle layout that significantly improves cooling design in the facility. Combined with high airflow racks, Digital Sense is able to deliver a flexible solution from 2kW to 15kW racks as standard.
  • Delivery areas - Digital Sense has a loading dock, delivery bay and a staging room for configuring and testing of equipment before the hardware enters the live space, this ensures that the Data Centre environment is maintained to the highest standard at all times.
  • Car Parking - Ample free car parking and visitor parking has been provided.