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Brisbane Data Centre Cooling

State of the art cooling to ensure optimal temperatures

Efficient, safe, flexible cooling of our Brisbane Data Centre ensures your systems are always maintained within a consistently stable environment.

  • Efficient cooling systems - Air-cooled DX and Closed Circuit Water Chillers are used to provide two disparate cooling systems that deliver highly efficient cooling to the technical space. By utilising 2N cooling, Digital Sense has full redundancy to deliver concurrently maintainable cooling into the technical space.
  • Closed loop cooling - Closed water loop cooling systems are used rather than an open town water solution, to ensure that our clients are impervious to town water disruptions and from water-borne diseases prevalent in evaporative cooling solutions.
  • Supplemental air conditioning - Humidity control and supplemental cooling is provided by redundant computer room air conditioning units. These units are specifically designed to stabilise the air quality to provide optimal environmental conditions for servers as specified in the ASHRAE (international server) standards.
  • Leak detection - Gas and refrigerant leak detection has been installed in all rooms/sectors throughout the Data Centre. These sensors detect leaking gasses from installed systems as well as from airborne toxic agents.
  • Scalable design - Our scalable modular and movable air-conditioning design provides advanced load balancing capabilities to enable greater flexibility within the raised floor space. With our 'connect on demand' cooling and power systems, clients can rapidly deploy high density racks anywhere in the facility. This allows our clients to expand their equipment within their own rack space, without the requirement to expand their rack footprint within the room.
  • Back up protection - Our cooling systems are protected by back-up generators and are regularly maintained to ensure optimal functioning.