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Carrier Grade Connectivity

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Choose your Carrier

You are not locked into using specific telecommunications providers with Digital Sense. We are carrier neutral which means you can choose from a wide range of suppliers to suit your budget and your needs.

Change service providers, or choose multiple providers without having to change data centers. All it takes is a quick and easy cross-connect to link you to your new supplier - no hassles or mucking around.

Extensive Fibre Network

And if you are looking for superfast connection speeds, our fibre network reaches out to core connectivity points throughout Brisbane including 127 Creek St, 100 Wickham Tce and Brisbane Technology Park.

Point-to-Point services can be delivered from any of our POP's back to our Data Center at blistering speeds at affordable rates. Each of our POP's are serviced with high speed fibre backbones that can deliver scores of long range 10Gpbs Ethernet and Fibre Channel interfaces.

Carrier Grade Connectivity

Many of our clients choose to use Digital Sense's own network connectivity services. These deliver high-speed internet connectivity at a budget friendly rate.

Whatever connection solution you need - we can help you find the right option to meet your performance, service and price needs.