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Unified Storage Platform

The best technologies to provide the solutions you need

Secure Multi Tenancy

Secure partitioning of network and storage resources enables consolidation of multiple domains on a single system. NetApp multi-tenancy provides a full management suite on each domain independently to ensure that each customer can manage their entire sub-system to suit the needs of their organisation, enabling performance and ensuring security.

SAN and NAS Protocols

Native support for all key SAN/NAS protocols (iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS) makes NetApp systems ideal for consolidating your mixed IT environment.

Application Integration

SnapManager® Suite enables application-aware, virtual machineaware backup, recovery, cloning (for Oracle®, Exchange, SharePoint®, SQL®, SAP®, Virtual Infrastructure and Hyper-V.)

System Recovery

FlexClone® instantly creates transparent virtual copies of production databases or virtual machines, without the need for additional storage capacity or compromising performance.

SnapRestore® restores LUNs and file systems from previously backed-up Snapshot copies in seconds, irrespective of size or number of files.

Cloud Storage Efficiency

Thin Provisioning

Through NetApp's thin provisioning service, copies of existing storage volumes can be instantly duplicated without duplicating the physical space required for the volume. This enables quick point-in time copies of file systems or LUNs. NetApp® Snapshot uniquely carries no performance penalty.


RAID-DP or Redundant Array of Independent Disks - Dual Parity is a revolutionary new approach to data protection. It safeguards your data from double disk failure, with no performance penalty.


Enables quick point-in-time copies of file systems or LUNs; NetApp Snapshot uniquely carries no performance penalty. Snapshots provide a diverse platform for both test and development as well as backup and recovery delivering you the power of a live multi-point backup environment.


Save money by removing duplicate data across volumes. Performance of duplicate data is accelerated by cache pools designed to provide tier 1 speeds, irrespective of disc type.

Disc-to-Disc Backup

SnapVault is a disk-to-disk snapshot based replication software for complete backups and online archives to primary or secondary storage in minutes instead of hours or days.